604-371-2021 #4 - 20252 98 Ave, Langley Get Your First Two Weeks for $29
604-371-2021 #4 - 20252 98 Ave, Langley Get Your First Two Weeks for $29
North Langley, BC

Infinity Mixed Martial Arts

If you are new to mixed martial arts there is no need to do any prep work (except perhaps stop smoking, but you knew that already) just show up! bring the kids and get THEM to try classes too. Many of our coaches have kids in our classes too and we fully encourage family training.

To make it easier to try classes please have TWO WEEKS for $29 with no commitments. We have programs for all ages and abilities.

Some of you will be on a quest for glory and for others – a quest to get slim and trim.

We can handle your reasons for getting into shape and learning some moves, all we ask for is a good attitude at the door and that you try your best. Who knows, we think you will like it and we guarantee you will learn something, but you have to show up to find out.

See you, here.

A quiet and peaceful dedicated space

Infinity Yoga And Wellness Studio

Unwind, Breathe, Stretch, and RELAX.

Our intention is to be an inclusive Yoga studio. All bodies of all shapes, sizes, colour and gender are welcome. We are working hard to create an environment that honors traditional Yoga from India and making an effort to avoid cultural appropriation in all areas. Western Yoga has taken on a very fitness oriented vibe and while popular we want to focus more on the original intention of Yoga.  We will lead you through a traditional Hatha Yoga practice by giving excellent cues and offering adjustments. Hatha Yoga is an excellent way to practice poses with proper alignment and coordinating your breathing. 

We often offer other Yoga styles available and you should try them all, each offers a different experience and you may find you prefer one of those styles over the Hatha classes.  Trying Kundalini, Yin, Vinyasa or guided meditation will allow you to explore more poses, expand your breathing practice and open your mind. Yoga practice on a regular basis has the potential to improve so many aspects of your daily life; people often find that they sleep better, reduce stress, improve flexibility and strength.

*Yoga classes are not included in Martial Arts Memberships

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Reminder to Members

Kickboxing High Belt Testing is in May

What is Belt Testing?

Belt testing is a process in martial arts where students are evaluated on their proficiency in the art and awarded a higher belt rank if they pass. Belt testing typically involves a demonstration of techniques, drills, sparring, and other aspects of the martial art being studied.

How often does Infinity MMA offer Belt Testing?

Lower level belt testing happens every 8 weeks or at the Instructing Team’s discretion. As a student rises through the ranks the testing gets more difficult, and it takes more time to master the advanced moves and techniques. High belt testing is held twice a year (May and October) to give our students time to learn and master the more difficult techniques as well as become mentally ready for the next step in their training.

What are students being assessed on?

Students will be assessed on endurance, skill level, ability, confidence, and leadership. The belt criteria sheet lists all of the criteria that students will be tested on. The higher the belt level the more strenuous the assessment is. We want our students to understand a belt is not a right, it is a privilege and our instructors are watching to ensure each student is both ready and worthy to receive the honour.

How Can I Prepare For Belt Testing?

Come to Class – Kickboxing classes are not only about learning new moves but about showing respect, commitment, and perfecting the technique you have learned. Higher level belts are expected to show leadership to the lower level belts in class by demonstrating, correcting, and supporting the lower belts’ training. Instructors are looking to see the higher level students are role models for the lower level students. If a student fails to arrive to class on time, shows poor conduct, or disrespect, our instructors will take that into consideration when deciding if they are ready to test.

Practice your Technique and Sparring – The requirements of each belt level can be found on the Belt Criteria Sheet. Students are expected to know what techniques they have to master to make it to the next belt, and should be practicing their technique to ensure they are ready and prepared for assessment night.

Book a Private Lesson – For those who are not confident they are ready for their next belt level a private lesson may be useful. This one on one time with an instructor will allow the instructor to help the student finetune their skills and technique. It will also allow them the opportunity to practice sparring with someone who is already a master. Students often find one or two private lessons will give them the improvement they need to make it to the next level and are often glad they put in the extra effort.

Talk to your Instructor – Once you are confident you are ready to challenge for your next belt, talk to your instructor. They will do a quick assessment of you in class and let you know if they think you are ready or if they think you need to do some more work before you are ready to test. Our Instructors want our Students to succeed and they will be honest about whether or not they think you are ready. The sooner you speak to them the more time you will have to improve if needed.

Prepare yourself Mentally and Physically – A martial arts belt is about more than just a pretty colour. The belt represents the commitment, hard work, self-discipline, determination, and accomplishment of the wearer. It is not only a physical accomplishment but a mental one and wearing the belt is a privilege and something to be respected. The higher the belt the more responsibility the wearer holds, and this responsibility should not be looked on lightly. In the days leading up to belt testing, make sure you are treating your body well. Eat healthy, get adequate sleep and take some time to be mindful and mentally focussed. Try to minimize the stress in your life if you can so you can prepare yourself for the test.

Belt testing is an essential part of the martial arts journey. Belt testing provides recognition, motivation, goal-setting, feedback, and opportunities for personal growth and development. With belt testing, we recognize the students’ hard work and inspire and motivate other students to improve their techniques.

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