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Jared Revel



Jared Revel

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jared “The Rebel” Revel is a Canadian professional mixed martial artist and BFL Middleweight Champion who holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the great Bibiano Fernandes.

Born and raised in Carman, Manitoba of 3500 people; Jared Grew up playing sports of all sorts and always held aspirations of becoming the greatest at whatever he played. This ignited a fierce competitive nature in Jared which naturally drew him to the sport of martial arts.

A combination of one Jiu Jitsu class with a friend, a submission by a much smaller classmate and a competitive drive is all it took. Many years later with hours of dedication filled with both successes and failures has eventually led him to becoming one of the greatest professional mixed martial artists to step into a battlefield cage and continues to leave his mark in other promotions such as Taura MMA.

Although Jared has found an impressive winning record against tough opponents, his biggest winning fight was and will always be against himself and the demons of past addiction and negative influences. Jared continues to wrack up a winning record against his past by consistently developing his physical, mental, and emotional well begin by following a strict regime catered to building the best version of himself.

Part of Jared Revel’s mission is the development of not just himself, but anyone around him that he can positively influence.  When he is not training or working on himself; you can find Jared teaching and sharing his love for the sport in his local community of Langley, British Columbia. Jared has dedicated time to Children and adults alike but has also gone a step further by mentoring and guiding recovering addicts find a similar path out of the dark and into the light through the love of martial arts.

Jared Revel is a tough competitor in and out of the cage who inspires many through his passion for the sport.


Black Belt - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Professional MMA record 12-2 including a current 6 fight winning streak

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