604-371-2021 #4 - 20252 98 Ave, Langley Get Your First Two Weeks for $29
604-371-2021 #4 - 20252 98 Ave, Langley Get Your First Two Weeks for $29
SkillsPrevious experience
FitnessHigher level
Gear Required
• mouth guard
• head gear
• shin pads
• gloves (boxing & MMA style)
Teen and Adult

Professional Fighting Systems

This is an applied MMA/Kickboxing class taught by UFC Veteran and current Professional Fighters League contestant Jeremy ‘The Bandit’ Kennedy that expands upon the fundamentals and theory learned in Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu, and puts students into practical situations encountered in the ring and on the street.

Contact is expected and required. Students will learn advanced fighting and blocking techniques, therefore higher fitness levels are also expected. Safety gear is required for the sparring component of this class.


This class is for participants who have been training regularly in our Kickboxing and/or Muay Thai programs for a minimum of three months and have been approved to participate in sparring by their instructor.

This class compliments the skills learned in Muay Thai and Kickboxing, and requires the ability to control your movements. This class is also for those individuals interested in moving up to competitive fighter’s training where sparring is a key focus.

Participants will learn: defense techniques, countering, clinching, sparring strategy and tactics, faints, fakes, and sweeps through technical drilling and controlled light sparring.

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