604-371-2021 #4 - 20252 98 Ave, Langley Get Your First Two Weeks for $29
604-371-2021 #4 - 20252 98 Ave, Langley Get Your First Two Weeks for $29
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Our intention is to be an inclusive Yoga studio. All bodies of all shapes, sizes, colour and gender are welcome. We are working hard to create an environment that honors traditional Yoga from India and making an effort to avoid cultural appropriation in all areas. Western Yoga has taken on a very fitness oriented vibe and while popular we want to focus more on the original intention of Yoga.  We will lead you through a traditional Hatha Yoga practice by giving excellent cues and offering adjustments. Hatha Yoga is an excellent way to practice poses with proper alignment and coordinating your breathing. 

We often offer other Yoga styles available and you should try them all, each offers a different experience and you may find you prefer one of those styles over the Hatha classes. Trying Kundalini, Yin, Vinyasa or guided meditation will allow you to explore more poses, expand your breathing practice and open your mind. Yoga practice on a regular basis has the potential to improve so many aspects of your daily life; people often find that they sleep better, reduce stress, improve flexibility and strength.

We recommend that you begin by practicing once or twice a week, however for best results you should practice more than that, we would love to see you in the studio two to four or even more times per week! Have questions? Please let us know by sending us a message on our contact us page.

How old is Yoga anyway? Well it’s at least 5,000 years old! Some people say it may even be twice that. Yoga has a very long rich history and can be divided into four parts: Pre-classical Yoga, Classical Yoga, Post Classical Yoga and Modern Yoga. 

What are the different styles of Yoga that we offer? Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini and Restorative Yoga are the most common styles you’ll find on our schedule. There are other styles of Yoga out there so this is by no means an exhaustive list of Yoga styles.  Sorry we do not offer Hot Yoga or fitness style classes.

You may have heard some negativity about physical Yoga adjustments during classes. Our teachers are very good at explaining poses and how to get into them, sometimes though our bodies don’t cooperate with the instructions we hear. In these cases our teachers will either re-cue, re-teach or offer additional instructions to participants to get into the pose. If that still doesn’t work and people haven’t been able to get into or find comfort in a pose a teacher may approach a student and ask if it’s OK to help them by physically touching them. It is absolutely acceptable to say NO if you choose. Our teachers all respect your boundaries. If you feel strongly that a physical touch is something you’re uncomfortable with, please inform the teacher before you start class, we honor this request 100% of the time.

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